Student Testimonials

Our featured student testimonial comes from Benny Chan, who recently transferred to HFICPP from another college preparatory program:

“Holy Family International College Preparatory Program (HFICPP) is different from my past experience because it is the best! The reasons are: the staff really take care and provide all resources we need in our daily lives, such as transportation, good food, a really clean dorm, activities, and tutoring help for students. I feel very safe and comfortable here. Parents in China will be comforted to know that their child is safe here. We have freedom here and staff always know where we are.

I like Our Lady of Sacred Heart (OLSH) because it is a bigger school than my last school. The students are very outgoing and friendly, they are kind and helpful. I made a lot of friends and we go to the movies on the weekend and they can come to my dorm to play games. There are more activities at this school to get involved in and the food is very good!

I would highly recommend Holy Family and OLSH to my friends. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city!”



Check out our most recent video to hear directly from HFI CPP students:

Here are more student testimonials:

“I saw several unique aspects of HFICPP:

  1. The tranquility of the residential campus makes an ideal place to focus on study. Staff care for us and always try to improve to meet our needs
  2. The high school I attend is like a big family where students build great friendship and progress together
  3. Since the residence campus and school are Catholic, I have the opportunity to attend prayer sessions. Although I am not a Catholic, the religious teachings make me more compassionate, more moral and courteous, more tolerant, and more peaceful from within.

My goal is to get into a top 30 university in the U.S. to study Economics or International Relations.”

Wade, North Catholic High School student

“I transferred to HFICPP from another private school in Philadelphia last year. I prefer HFICPP’s diverse after-school activities, because I can even use many exercise facilities and gyms after returning from school. The advantage of living with other Chinese students is that I can learn from their progress and challenges in their schools. In addition, these peers will be important in my friend circle – no matter back to China or in the U.S. One more thing, HFICPP gets me friendship with an American family and they often take me out for meals and cultural events.”

Dennis, North Catholic High School student

“My dream is to be admitted to prestigious Carnegie Mellon University whose Computer Science majors rank No. 1. Then I need to take extra special preparatory programs to enhance my background. HFICPP’s staff tirelessly drive me to different locations for training, and help me apply for Carnegie Mellon’s summer program. I appreciate their efforts in taking me one step closer to my dream.”

Jason, North Catholic High School student

“One time I failed to get on my bus back to Pittsburgh and was trapped in another city. It really amazed me when staff drove couple of hours to take us back home, so we managed to go to school the next day.”

— Sophia, Vincentian Academy student

“I become more independent through learning to cook. Compared with the environment in China, I have more opportunities and time to exercise. I think having a healthy body is more important than getting higher grades.”

— Jason, Bishop Canevin High School student

“I feel good about residence life on the HFICPP campus. There are arts instructors teaching us sketch and oil painting. There is even a piano!”

— May, North Catholic High School


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