Home Stay

Home Stay Family Program

At HFICPP, we believe that family is the cornerstone of our culture. For a student to understand American culture, he or she may wish to experience what it is like to live with and become a valued and productive member of a family in the United States.

The Home Stay program is a component of HFICPP that allows international students to live with an American family instead of at the main boarding campus.

What students are eligible for Home Stay?
  • All students who attend Saint Joseph High School MUST participate in Home Stay, because of the distance from this school to the main boarding campus.
  • All other students who wish to participate in Home Stay may apply to do so after spending AT LEAST ONE YEAR at the main boarding campus.  Home stay placements will be made as they become available.
Students who participate in the Home Stay program enjoy many benefits:
  • Experience American family life firsthand, including being a part of American holidays, traditions and family events.
  • Constant exposure to conversational English helps students become fluent in the language.
  • Private furnished bedroom and quiet study area, access to daily meals, and transportation to school (either by school bus or car) are provided.

Students interested in learning more about the Home Stay program should contact Debbie Gooden at 412-766-9020 ext. 221 or gooden.debbie@hfi-pgh.org.


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