Expanded ELS Services

In an effort to ensure Holy Family International College Preparatory Program students are prepared to enter competitive universities, Holy Family has developed new coursework to provide students with expanded services that will enable them to be successful and competitive university applicants.

Advanced English Learning—Advanced English students will use applied learning in this course to practice a variety of skills. Students will practice conversation and pronunciation using practical, real-world English. They will learn to write with accuracy and effectiveness and improve their use of grammar. This includes writing multi-paragraph compositions that demonstrate an organization of ideas, the use of a thesis statement, and supporting elements. Intensive grammar instruction will also be taught to help support academic writing.   Students will also develop strategic listening skills. In addition, the course focuses on vocabulary development and reading comprehension. This course contributes to skills needed in mainstream classes and universities.

English for SuccessIn this course, advanced English language learners discover how to use and extend their vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills more consciously and effectively for academic purposes. This course works to fully prepare students focusing on higher education. English for Success gives students the opportunity to focus on academic skills they will need to succeed in their higher education pursuits. This course is a skills enhancement class, to build on the core skills taught during their previous English study. Before completion of this course, students must also complete a comprehensive research paper using standard research protocols.


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