English Language Support

English proficiency is a major goal of the Holy Family International College Preparatory Program. Success in an American high school classroom and entry into top universities is predicated on acquiring English proficiency.

The English Language Support (ELS) curriculum has several components including:

  • Listening
  • Reading/Literature
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing

Students will receive English support and instruction at their high school as well as after school at the boarding program. Specific instruction includes:

  • During each school day, all students participate in an English course. English courses differ from English Language Support classes because all students, including American students, take them as part of the school’s required curriculum. Emphasis is on literature, vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension.
  • ELS classes are provided at the residence hall with a certified teacher. These classes include information on American history and culture, so that the students not only learn English, but also develop an understanding of the American way of life.
  • The high schools frequently have activities and events after school and after dinner, so participation in these events could substitute for ELS instruction. For example, experience in participating in a play performance involves the sophisticated application of English languages skills, understanding and nuances. Informal interactions offer opportunities for the natural acquisition of American colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions.
  • Daily interaction with American students in classrooms as well as after-school in clubs, sports, socializing, studying, volunteering and visiting provide many opportunities to speak English.
  • American students will be invited to attend events on the HFICPP campus and will provide interaction in a setting that promotes an appreciation of other cultures.

For students who need additional, more intensive assistance in learning English, personal tutoring can be arranged for an additional cost.


Advanced English Learning:  Advanced English students will use applied learning in this course to practice a variety of skills.  Students will practice conversation and pronunciation using practical, real-world English. They will learn to write with accuracy and effectiveness and improve their use of grammar.  This includes writing multi-paragraph compositions that demonstrate an organization of ideas, the use of a thesis statement, and supporting elements.  Intensive grammar instruction will also be taught to help support academic writing.  Students will also develop strategic listening skills.  In addition, the course focuses on vocabulary development and reading comprehension.  This course contributes to skills needed in mainstream classes and universities.

English for Success– In this course, advanced English language learners discover how to use and extend their vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills more consciously and effectively for academic purposes.  This course works to fully prepare students focusing on higher education. English for Success gives students the opportunity to focus on academic skills they will need to succeed in their higher education pursuits. This course is a skills enhancement class, to build on the core skills taught during their previous English study. Before completion of this course, students must also complete a comprehensive research paper using standard research protocols.

First-Year Seminar–  An introductory life skills class for first year students, this course is crucial to the Holy Family International College Preparatory Program’s first-year student experience. This course is intended to integrate students into their respective schools, dorm environment and into the Holy Family community by providing information and a       discussion of values, intellectual and social development, and personal as well as institutional expectations.








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