After-School Schedule

After students return from school, on weekends and during school breaks, students spend time on the campus with trained student support faculty, mentors and other American students and teachers.

A typical after-school schedule includes:

3:30-5:00 pm Dinner
5:00-6:00 pm Student personal time
6:00-9:30 pm Academic support services, including ELS, supervised study, and TOEFL and SAT preparation
9:30-11:00 pm Student personal time (exercise, additional academic support, communication with family and friends, and personal study time)
11:00 pm Lights out

Their campus life is planned and supervised so that their schedule includes sufficient time to focus on their studies and homework. Interaction with staff and students is encouraged, so students who are experiencing anxiety, or need extra help with school work, activities or English, get the support that they need to succeed. Long breaks in the school schedule allow for optional travel and field trips to cultural activities and college campuses.

In addition, there is time to speak their native language and culture is shared and celebrated.


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