Boarding Program

HFICCP is a close-knit community of students, student support faculty, mentors, support teachers and administrators working and living together. Students reside in a safe and structured environment where intellectual, social and emotional learning are equally valued. Support is provided so that each student realizes their unique potential, grows in self-confidence, and develops an active sense of responsibility in preparation for college and life.

The boarding campus is located on a 15-acre site in the suburb of Emsworth, Pennsylvania, which is located approximately 10 miles from the high school locations. Like American students, the HFICPP students leave for school in the morning after eating breakfast and may participate in after-school activities before returning to campus to complete their homework and eat dinner. Their primary culture is fully supported, celebrated and maintained on the HFICPP campus.

Residence Halls
The residential living facilities are in free-standing buildings designed to function as residence halls for up to 22 students, and have a homelike atmosphere. Bedrooms are shared by two students.   There is a large relaxation area in each home, where students can meet and watch TV, play games or talk. Each kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher to accommodate between meal and late night snacks. A dining room is conveniently located to the side of the kitchen. A library and study areas are available on the campus. On the campus grounds, there is a basketball court, tennis court, gymnasium, weight room, recreation room and large green quad area for playing outdoor sports and other activities.

Breakfast is served in the residence hall, and dinner is served in the main dining room, so students can mingle and share their daily experiences. Lunch during school days is served at the high school where they dine with their fellow students.

The residence halls are professionally staffed by student support faculty at all times when the students are present. Each counselor has all Pennsylvania child clearances as well as formal training.

Access to other Activities/Facilities
The proximity of the HFICPP campus to downtown and the Oakland area of Pittsburgh makes it easy for students to attend activities such as the theatre, the symphony, opera, ballet, movies, museums and shopping. There are also cultural and sporting events that are open to the public at a number of universities including University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, Point Park University, Chatham University, and Carlow University. It is easy to travel to other large metropolitan areas that students may want to visit, as Pittsburgh is within a 5 to 7 hour drive from Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, DC.


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