Admission Requirements

Interested in our Summer Camp for High School Students?

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To apply to HFICPP, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of passport
  • Application Supplements (Academic survey, extracurricular survey, personal statement)
  • Teacher Contact Information
  • Math or Science Teacher Recommendation
  • English or Language Teacher Recommendation
  • Transcript or Score Report
  • Proof of English Competency through ELS Course or SLEP or TOEFL results
  • Bank Statement
  • Application Fee
  • Student Essay (in English)

Application forms can be submitted online or through your recruiter. If you do not have a recruiter or to request an application packet, please contact Debbie Gooden at +1 412-766-9020 ext. 1221 or by email at

After review of the documentation, HFICPP and schools require an interview with the student, to be conducted via the internet on a webcam. Additional materials such as health history and various consent forms will be required after acceptance to the program.

HFICPP also offers an optional interview/assessment service through CIEE, a non-profit, non-governmental organization. CIEE provides student applicants with an interview and assessment for a fee of $300. After completing an interview, applicants are allowed to view their evaluation result and delay or opt out of sending. CIEE will then forward your results to schools where you are applying. You will find the details at the following link:



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