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CPPThe Holy Family International College Preparatory Program (HFICPP) offers many benefits compared to host family programs and boarding academies.

Its most unique benefit is that it is the only English immersion program in the United States that offers access to a variety of private Catholic high schools, as well as a formal boarding program in which fellow international students live together, immersing themselves in American culture while preserving cultural customs and habits.

Other outstanding benefits include:

  • HFICPP students enjoy living in Pittsburgh, a city with exceptional educational opportunities, beautiful natural surroundings, and plenty of cultural and historic landmarks.
  • Students engage with many other Americans outside of school and have the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships.
  • Students engage in American society. They are not isolated from the community, but live and travel within it on a daily basis.
  • On weekends, students socialize with American staff, instructors, and mentors during a variety of activities.
  • All safety procedures are established and approved by local government, all building codes are validated, and the nutritional value of every meal is confirmed.
  • Time away from school is filled with supervised educational and recreational programs.

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